Visit Solidcore!

Visit Solidcore!

Living at The Maxwell has its perks. You spend all your free time in a plush apartment. This Ballston-building is located in one of Arlington’s best neighborhoods, and you’ll always have plenty to do. Your commute is a breeze since you’re right by a Metro stop and major highways. The on-site fitness center gives you a chance to get your sweat on during down time. But if you’d like an opportunity to get in a fantastic workout by just heading downstairs to your apartment building’s retail-level floor, you can with Solidcore.

Solidcore has finally made its way to Virginia after first opening in D.C. earlier this year. Solidcore involves using a machine called a megaformer to help tone and strengthen your muscles. Solidcore participants work their muscles to fatigue during each sweat-drenched session. Translation? Look forward to slow, controlled movements that really push your body. After your muscles have been exhausted, they rebuild and get stronger. According to the video posted on the Solidcore’s website, many CrossFitters and other athletes will add Solidcore to their routine as a way to strength train. And the studio has developed quite the local following. Michelle Obama is allegedly a fan. And we’ve all seen her amazing biceps. 

Each class is around 50 minutes and burns an average of 600 calories (!) per session. Classes are capped at 13 people to ensure you get adequate attention from the instructor. Although the word “core” is in the title of the class, don’t expect to just work your abs. One Washingtonian reviewer described her first class as involving not only ab work, but arm and legs too. The bottom line is that you should expect to get in a “solid,” butt-kicking full body workout in. 

If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry. If you haven’t worked out in a while, the company suggests you be able to hold plank for 60 seconds before you take a class. Once you’ve mastered plank, consider taking Solidcore 101. This introductory class will familiarize you with the equipment and how class is structured, without being as tough as a normal class. It’s recommend that you show up at least 15 minutes early to ensure you don’t lose your spot in class. 

Proximity to great businesses like Solidcore are yet another thing to love about living at The Maxwell. If you’d like to live at this truly outstanding property, contact Bozzuto today to discuss leasing. A few months after you’ve moved in, you’ll be the fittest person in the building. Well, at least as fit as all the other Solidcore devotees. 

Image: Pixabay