Open for Business Near The Maxwell: Trek Bicycles

Whether you’re an avid and experienced cyclist looking for some new gear, or you’re hoping to purchase your very first bike, Trek Bicycles has what you need. This shop’s stock ranges from traditional road bikes and cross-country trail bikes to electric bikes, children’s bikes, and much more. You can order a bike off the rack or customize your purchase to meet your exact specifications.

Currently, Trek is offering one-on-one private in-store shopping, as well as curbside pickup (you can easily schedule both on the website). Even better, right now you can take advantage of free home delivery service on all bikes ordered online or by phone. Don’t forget to add accessories to your order, either– lights and helmets for safety, as well as panniers, handlebar baskets, and fender racks for storage. You can even add handlebar-mounted GPS units to ensure that you’ll never lose your way.