Open for Takeout Near The Maxwell: This Is Fine Coffee

The newly opened cafe, This Is Fine Coffee, comes with a two-fold title. On the one hand, it plays off an all-too-common discussion when it comes to choosing a coffee shop: “What about this place?” “This is fine.” With small-town favorites and internationally known franchises, there are almost always options at hand.

On the other hand, This Is Fine Coffee lives up to its reputation of being a “hidden gem,” a cafe you’ll want to return to, remembering that it was, in fact, some fine coffee. From classics like espresso and chai to the coffee shop’s signature drink, a popular drink from Eastern Europe called Bumble Coffee (made from a blend of orange juice, caramel, and espresso), customers so far have left with glowing reviews.

This Is Fine Coffee is a great study space or place to work.  The cafe offers food items such as breakfast sandwiches and pastries to keep you satiated while your coffee fuels your productivity–all while getting you off the couch!