Unpack a Spring Picnic at Mosaic Park

If you’re looking to explore close to home, Mosaic Park needs to be on your list for multiple reasons! First, it’s the only park in the area with a climbing wall for all ages, you’re in for some serious fun when you visit. The wall is 9 feet tall and challenging enough for all ages, so try your hand and see how high you can get! 

You’re going to want to pack a picnic because once you’re done climbing you’ll have a serious appetite. There are picnic tables surrounding the park that provide the perfect spot for a little relaxation while eating and soaking up some sun.

Next, what people really love about this park is all the sustainable features. They recycle rainwater back into the plants and turf in the park, all lighting is energy-conserving LED and the entry signage is solar-powered, they have a wide variety of pollinator plants which help crops all over the country, and more. How impressive is that? Time to explore!