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Enjoy Friendly Competition at the JB Myer-Henderson Hall Bowling Center

Buckets of domestic beer, glossy lanes, and sections of simple plastic seats. These are the basic elements of any good bowling alley, and you’ll find them all at the JB Myer-Henderson Hall Bowling Center. This alley may not showcase lots of modern frills, like lane-side service or gourmet snacks, but according to regulars, it doesn’t have to. These fans of the bowling alley believe it epitomizes the mantra “less is more.”

Come to the JB Myer-Henderson Hall Bowling Center the next time you want to enjoy a more active date night or some friendly competition with a big crew of coworkers. Reserve one of the lanes, lace up your rental shoes, and order a round of beer and a pizza. Then you’re ready for an evening of old-timey fun in this community-oriented, well-maintained bowling alley.

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Public Domain/Pixabay/pexels