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Build a Stronger Core at Studio Body Logic

Karen Garcia, the founder and current owner of Studio Body Logic, is only one degree removed from the legendary Joseph Pilates. The Pilates namesake and inventor trained Romana Kryzanowska, a master teacher, who in turn taught Karen Garcia. So you can trust that, when it comes to Pilates, Karen is a knowledgeable resource. Her team boasts other skilled instructors with backgrounds in Pilates, barre, and other fitness approaches.

Register for a Pilates mat course to learn the fundamentals of the practice. Courses typically last 9 to 16 weeks and start anew at the beginning of each season. You’ll learn the postures and breathing techniques that Pilates uses to build strength in the core and oust stress. The Pilates apparatus courses deepen the basic practice with the incorporation of equipment such as the Reformer, the Tower, and the Wunda Chair. Barre and stretching classes round out the schedule at Studio Body Logic.

Try a Pilates or Barre Class at Studio Body Logic

When Studio Body Logic debuted in 1996, its founder’s goal was simple: to offer Pilates to the people of Alexandria. Now 20 years and one additional location later, the studio’s offerings have expanded to include the full array of Pilates mat and apparatus classes, as well as Barre Body sweat sessions.

Pilates mat classes focus on the classic methods of Pilates, and they’re offered in seasonal 9- to 16-week sessions. Sign up for a session to move through the entire canon of fundamental Pilates moves, which includes focused breathing for the best results. Pilates apparatus sessions incorporate pieces of equipment like the Reformer and Wunda chair to further deepen your practice. If you want to mix up your workouts, try a Barre Body class. Your instructor will explain how small, pulsing movements can have a big effect on your physique and demonstrate how to perform them, often enlisting weights or the ballet barre.