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Solidcore Reshapes Bodies with a Revamped Version of Pilates

Solidcore takes the basic principles of Pilates and tweaks them to create a new, contemporary workout. It’s performed atop Solidcore’s own version of the Pilates Reformer, affectionately referred to as Sweatlana. Sweatlana accommodates two main classes: the beginner class and the all-levels session. At the beginner class, newbies will learn the basic resistance moves of the Solidcore workout, which are all adaptations of planks, lunges, and squats. The all-levels class kicks things up a notch for a more challenging workout. Both move at a slow pace, however, to reshape your body and strengthen it from head to toe.

If there’s a certain area of your body that you’d like to work on, Solidcore also hosts muscle-specific classes. Come to Arms+Abs if it’s your upper body that could use a little extra attention, or check out Buns+Guns if you’d like to avoid any abdominal work (i.e., if you’re pregnant or have suffered an abdominal injury). Core30 takes the traditional all-levels class and shrinks it into an intense 30-minute workout so that everyone is able to squeeze in a sweat session.