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Sample Soviet-Style Cuisine Near The Maxwell at Rus Uz

Arlington’s Rus Uz showcases the flavors of Russia and Uzbekistan cuisines (hence, “Rus Uz”) and has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards (check the website for links to glowing reviews).

Since 2012, Bakhtiyor Rakhmatulleav, head chef, and his son Ibrokhim have built this restaurant into a popular casual dining experiences where expats and adventurous foodies alike rave over authentic and satisfying dishes. Try an order of pirozhki (which is bread stuffed with cabbage, potato, or meat) as an appetizer, and then dig into a hearty and satisfying main dish of plov, which is a variant of rice pilaf served with your choice of marinated lamb or beef on top.

Have you ever dined at Rus Uz, The Maxwell? Be sure to tell us about your favorite dish!

Rus Uz
1000 N Randolph St
Arlington, VA 22201
(571) 312-4086