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Grab a Quick, Healthy Sandwich On the Go at Natural Cafe

Whether you need to grab a six pack or want to pick up something quick to eat on your way home from work, a reliable neighborhood market can often be a life saver. The problem, however, is that these places are often built for convenience, not quality, and they’re rarely what you would call “health conscious.” But that’s what makes Natural Cafe in Ballston so unique.

Instead of microwave burritos, here you’ll find gourmet deli sandwiches paired with house-made soups. The beer and wine selection is good enough that you can easily pick up something respectable to take to a friend’s dinner party, and the store’s selection of juices and healthy snacks can help stem the temptation to gorge on junk food. Yelp reviewers consistently praise the welcoming, efficient, and helpful service at this place, but its biggest draw continues to be customers’ ability to grab a quick bite without sacrificing nutrition or quality.