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Savor a Slice of Salted Caramel Chess Pie at Livin’ The Pie Life

The creative chefs and bakers at Livin’ The Pie Life mix up the menu on a daily basis. They do this to showcase the seasonal, local ingredients available that morning and to keep customers coming back to try new treats. You can always expect a mix of sweet and savory dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a full lineup of pies and desserts.

For instance, in the morning, the list of eats typically consists of options like freshly baked maple-cinnamon rolls, quiches packed with spinach and cheddar cheese or chunks of smoky bacon, and “pocket pies” stuffed with sweet ingredients like apples and sugar or bananas and Nutella. Later in the day, expect creations such as mac and cheese pockets or smoked pork pockets. Whatever you do, make sure that you save room for a slice of salted caramel chocolate chess pie, apple caramel crumb pie, or the cake of the day.

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Grab a Slice of Cherry or a Whole Chocolate Chess at Livin The Pie Life

Ask an Arlington local where to get a top-notch pie and you may well find yourself being directed to Livin The Pie Life. Located on North Glebe Road, this pie shop has a reputation for making everything in small batches and mixing ingredients by hand, which means that whatever pie you choose will taste like it was home-baked just for you.

Choose a classic fruit pie filled with your choice of cherries, apples, or berries for a traditional taste, or go for one of the shop’s more innovative creations, like boozy toasted pecan pie, or salted caramel chocolate chess. Whatever you choose, you should be aware that handmaking every pie means that the storefront has limited quantities available, and flavors can sell out quickly. Regulars say it’s best to order ahead if you’ve got a specific need or special occasion coming up.