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Experience the Art of Bubble Tea Kung Fu Tea

Using premium natural ingredients and a unique handcrafting process, Kung Fu Tea goes the extra mile to bring customers the best bubble teas possible. Made with tea leaves that are handpicked from the mountains of Taiwan, the delicious drinks at this shop are as memorable as they are delicious.

The extensive menu includes a variety of classic tea favorites, such as green, oolong, and pomelo. A selection of milk teas are made even tastier by the addition of the signature “bubbles” — the sweet, chewy tapioca balls that make bubble tea so popular. An array of fruity slushes are also available, in flavors such as mango, pineapple, or passion fruit.
Although the bubbles are often the most sought after, Kung Fu Tea also offers several other delicious toppings. Mung bean, nata jelly, red bean, and pudding are just a few of the other toppings that are available, all of which can take an already amazing drink to the next level.
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