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Craving Greek Cuisine Near The Maxwell? Stop for Lunch at Kapnos Taverna

Mike Isabella is a name that is already well-known to lovers of Greek food in the DC metro area. His restaurant Kapnos on 14th is of the District’s most popular high-end Mediterranean restaurants, and now Kapnos Taverna, Isabella’s satellite spin-off located in the Ballston section of Arlington, takes an approach to coastal Greek cuisine that is both more traditional and more casual.

For The Maxwell residents, Kapnos Taverna aims to be a reliable and accessible spot for a quick lunch, post-work drinks, or a relaxed dinner out with family and friends. Office workers nearby flock to this place for the gyro lunch special, which includes an appetizer, any gyro and a drink. During the evenings, Yelp reviewers recommend visiting with a large group so you can sample a range of shareables, like roasted lamb shoulder, spanakopita, and crispy fried falafel balls. For a true taste of Greek fare, there are few places in Arlington better than Kapnos Taverna.

Kapnos Taverna
4000 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 243-4400