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Hone Your Practice at JOURNEYoga

Fewer aches and pains, a calmer mind, a stronger, leaner body — these are just a few of the benefits of yoga. The ancient practice is equal parts physical and mental exercise, which is why it’s still relevant in an increasingly busy world. Make time for yourself at a JOURNEYoga class.

JOURNEYoga’s classic yoga session is the perfect place to get started if you’re new to yoga. Its instructor lays out the basic postures and yoga and demonstrates how to sync your movement with breath. Once you master these fundamental concepts, you can move on to a faster-paced class like Challenge Flow. This Vinyasa-style class gets the blood pumping with quick transitions between postures. If you’re new, don’t worry about the difficulty of these asanas because the instructor will offer modifications to make the class doable for everyone.

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