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Looking for a Sweet Treat That’s Good for the Body? Try a Treat at Iceberry

Craving something cold and sweet? Stop by Iceberry, a shop specializing in nonfat frozen yogurt. Kids and adults alike will go crazy for this creamy frozen yogurt that comes in a variety of flavors. Try original, green tea, honeydew, peach-mango, and more. Some flavors rotate out often, so be sure to stop by regularly to try out the newest sweet treat in a cup!

Health nuts will appreciate the fact that this creamy goodness is low in sugar and is without fat and preservatives. The best part? Top your froyo with whatever you’d like to make it your own: fresh berries, chocolate syrup, gummy bears, candies, and more. You’ll feel better knowing you are also eating something good for your body, as each flavor of frozen yogurt contains active live cultures known for improving digestive health.