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Check Out the Bluegrass Brunch, Trivia Night and Live Jazz at Highline RxR

Highline RxR is a hip restaurant in Arlington that offers a number of awesome daily specials, including a half-priced burger Saturday and Taco Tuesday. On the weekends, you won’t want to miss the Bluegrass Brunch and Jazz Brunch. You can hear live bluegrass music every first and third Sunday of the month, and live jazz music every second and fourth Sunday of the month. The brunch menu in general is also fantastic, so make sure you stop by for some great food along with the fabulous live music.

Another popular daily event is District Trivia on Mondays at 7 p.m.Admission is free and you have the opportunity to win a ton of cool prizes. Topics include history, pop culture, music and more, and the hosts are incredibly fun and keep spirits high for all six rounds. If you find yourself in Arlington on a Sunday or Monday, be sure to hit up these awesome events!

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