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Gallery Clarendon: A Pop-Up Art Gallery and Studio in Arlington

Gallery Clarendon is a pop-up art gallery and venue for art classes, but its exact length of stay at Regency Centers remains unseen. You see, the art gallery is temporarily occupying a space left empty when a local Mexican restaurant closed more than a year ago. Until Regency Centers can find a new tenant, this Arlington Artists Alliance project will fill the space—probably for at least a year.

Still, your time to enjoy the gallery is limited, so don’t hesitate. Head straight to the newly debuted art space (it opened on June 20th) and check out its multi-level display of locally crafted artwork. Admission is free, but all of the pieces are available for purchase, so you might just leave with a new accent for your home. The studio isn’t offering art classes yet, but intends to create a schedule of public workshops in the coming months, so keep an eye out.