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Don’t Miss the Hilarious Performance of “Freaky Friday” at Signature Theatre from October 6 – November 20

Check out one of your favorite childhood movies in play form with Freaky Friday at the Gulf Theater! Performances run from October 4 through November 20 and feature the same hilarious plot about a mother and teenage daughter who magically switch bodies.

There’s really no better place to see a great local play than at the Signature Theatre. It’s so cozy and intimate, you won’t find a bad seat here. In fact, some of the seats are so good the actors might pull you up into the action (it’s happened before!) Get there early as food is not allowed in the theater, but a nice café in the lobby offers dining options and the neighborhood is peppered with tasty restaurants to check out. If you can’t make it to this show, check the Signature Theatre’s website often as they always have a new and exciting lineup of performances for every taste.