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Question for Residents of The Maxwell: Have You Ever Broken a Sweat at Ballston CrossFit?

If you’ve never tried a CrossFit workout before, you’re in for a new experience at Ballston CrossFit. Conveniently located near The Maxwell, this safe and well-maintained facility is large and filled with top-quality CrossFit equipment, including weights, kettlebells, and bars. The classes here combine Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, and high-intensity cardio to create a dynamic, effective workout. There are a number of different CrossFit classes throughout the week, and if you prefer something more one-on-one, there are personal trainers that will work with you to meet your individual goals.

The bright wall colors and industrial feel will make you feel motivated to get in the best workout possible, and the friendly coaches and employees will make even the least experienced visitors feel right at home!

Ballston CrossFit
1110 N. Glebe Road
Arlington VA 22201
(703) 688-2238