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Looking for a Way to Spread Holiday Cheer at The Maxwell? Visit Santa at the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington!

Visiting Santa at the Ballston Common Mall is a great way to get your brood in the holiday spirit near The Maxwell, whether your little ones are on two legs or, the case of pet parents, four! Sitting on Santa’s lap is an annual tradition that many children look forward to, and no matter how busy your schedule, there are a number of dates throughout the month of December when you and your family can chat with Saint Nick himself.

Stop in and get a professional photo taken with your child on Santa’s lap, or pay a bit less to take your own photo on a smartphone or digital camera. If you have pets, there are certain times of the day when you can bring your furry friends in to see Santa, as well. All proceeds from this holiday event go to the Arlington Jaycees, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, and other local charities.

Santa at the Ballston Common Mall
4238 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 243-8088