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Do Dinner and a Show at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse

The Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse has a history that dates back more than seven decades. Originally known as the Arlington Theater, it showed first-run films and hosted live performances. The Drafthouse continues to do so today, but with a unique twist: you can eat a full meal while you watch.

Instead of narrow, creaky movie theater chairs, the Drafthouse features wide, comfy chairs with small tables. A server comes right up to your spot and takes your order for food and drink, delivering it to you as the show unfolds. Upcoming events at the Drafthouse include screenings of indie darling The Big Sick, stand-up from seasoned comedian Jon Lovitz, and a performance by The Daily Show funnyman Aasif Mandvi. If you’re looking for a deal, come to the cinema on Monday or Tuesday nights for discounts on movie tickets.

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