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Fresh, Local Food Abounds at the Arlington Mill Farmers Market Every Saturday

The Arlington Mill Farmers Market is now in full swing for the season. It takes over the Arlington Mill every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., a historic spot that once housed soldiers during the Civil War. The farmers market fills the mill with locally grown produce, high-quality meats, and lots of treats.

Bring your reusable bags along to the Arlington Mill Farmers Market to stock your fridge every Saturday now through the end of October. Pick up seasonal berries from Penn Farm or fresh greens and veggies from G. Flores Produce. Grab a loaf of freshly baked bread for dinner from Bread & Water Company or a homemade dessert from Acme Pie Company. Find fresh pork sausage and artisan cheese at Hog Haven Farm’s booth. The farmers’ market has all the groceries you need to get you through the week.

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Make Reservations for the Breakfast Buffet at A-Town Bar & Grill

Step up your sports bar game at A-Town Bar & Grill. This family-run bar and restaurant boasts upscale bar food, great drinks, and tons of specials, all at reasonable prices. They serve the starters and sandwiches you would expect, along with signature entrees and even a large array of sushi rolls and sashimi. The atmosphere is modern but still casual, with the energy really ramping up during sports games or their happy hour.

Perhaps the most impressive spread at A-Town Bar & Grill is their all-you-can-eat weekend brunch. Enjoy breakfast classics alongside sushi, seafood, ribs, and more. Saturday’s buffet also includes all-you-can-eat snow crab legs, and the dessert section of the buffet is fully stocked with chocolate fountains and plenty of items for dipping. Check the website for more details and reservations on the weekend buffet (it fills up fast), or learn more about events like Sunday Funday or holding your next private or corporate event at A-Town Bar & Grill.

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Work Toward Your Fitness Goals at Pilates Body Home

At Pilates Body Home, the instructors enlist every tool available to them to help you get in shape. This includes everything from a simple mat and foam supports to the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Chair. These pieces of equipment support you as you work toward a healthier and leaner body.

The classical Pilates classes focus on the core, starting by strengthening your abdominal muscles and then working on other parts of the body. You don’t have to already be ripped to come to a small-group class or private session—the teachers can work with folks at all different points on their fitness journey. What’s more, Pilates Body Home also offers other exercise modalities to help you reach your goals. Its staff boasts training in TRX, Bosu, and the Bellicon Rebounder, to name just a few. They’re also equipped to offer therapeutic forms of Pilates aimed at specific issues like weak bones and back pain.

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Pair Your Morning Coffee With a Fresh Croissant at Pastries By Randolph

For more than 25 years, Arlington locals have depended on Pastries By Randolph for everything from cookies and croissants to wedding cakes, graduation cakes, and other once-in-a-lifetime events. If you’re in the market for a cake to celebrate a special occasion, head to the website, take a look at the photo gallery, and call the shop to schedule a consultation. Otherwise, feel free to drop by and choose whatever catches your eye out of the big glass display cases.

If you stop by in the morning on your way to work you might pick up a hot cup of coffee, along with an almond croissant or a hand-held cherry pie. Swing by on your way home in the evening, and pick out something special for dessert. How about a strawberry mousse cheesecake? Or maybe a chocolate souffle? You can even buy cookies, brownies, and other treats by the pound or by the dozen (depending on how big a crowd you need to feed).

Savor a Slice of Salted Caramel Chess Pie at Livin’ The Pie Life

The creative chefs and bakers at Livin’ The Pie Life mix up the menu on a daily basis. They do this to showcase the seasonal, local ingredients available that morning and to keep customers coming back to try new treats. You can always expect a mix of sweet and savory dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a full lineup of pies and desserts.

For instance, in the morning, the list of eats typically consists of options like freshly baked maple-cinnamon rolls, quiches packed with spinach and cheddar cheese or chunks of smoky bacon, and “pocket pies” stuffed with sweet ingredients like apples and sugar or bananas and Nutella. Later in the day, expect creations such as mac and cheese pockets or smoked pork pockets. Whatever you do, make sure that you save room for a slice of salted caramel chocolate chess pie, apple caramel crumb pie, or the cake of the day.

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Local, Sustainable Ingredients Star in Brunch at Green Pig Bistro

Green Pig Bistro oozes creativity, and not just when it comes to the cuisine. Pages from cookbooks line the walls in lieu of wallpaper. Mismatched vintage dish sets serve as decor. A communal chef’s table features glossy slats of reclaimed wood. The menu reflects the same attention to detail that goes into the interior design.

The chef specializes in sustainable food featuring head-to-tail meats, wasting no part of the animal. Check out brunch when you want to savor one of the meat-centric dishes. Locals rave about the brunch menu, particularly the fried chicken and waffle with house-made onion jam and hearty sausage gravy. The steak and eggs, huevos rancheros with pulled pork, and shrimp and grits with andouille sausage all showcase high-quality cuts of meat. If you’re craving something sweeter, try the waffle with berry compote or the caramel apple tart.

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Try Iyengar Yoga at Unity Woods Yoga Center

The best way to describe the yoga practice at Unity Woods Yoga Center is tried and true. You won’t find trendy classes or the latest exercise fad, but rather Iyengar yoga, a traditional style based on the teachings of yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. This style focuses on alignment of the body, breath, and mind, and puts extra emphasis on the transformative nature of the practice.

Unity Woods Yoga Center has a variety of class times and levels to choose from, but if you can get into one of founder and owner John Schumacher’s classes, it’s well worth a try. Schumacher has over 40 years of yoga experience and studied in India with B.K.S. Iyengar for 33 years. In addition to their classes, Unity Woods Yoga Center also offers a variety of workshops. They are a stimulating way to keep your practice fresh or possibly find a new area of study.

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Build a Healthy Mediterranean Bowl at CAVA

A trio of childhood friends, one of them a chef, launched the Ballston branch of CAVA in an effort to bring the Greek and Mediterranean fare they grew up eating to all of DC’s diners. In the process, they decided to team up with nonprofits focused on spreading a love for healthy eating and urban gardening. For instance, local organization City Blossoms creates gardens where kids can learn how to cultivate food and transform it into healthy meals, and this is just one of many nonprofits that benefit from CAVA’s efforts.

So you can feel good about it when you enjoy a fresh feast at this newly opened eatery. CAVA allows you to build your own healthy bowl starting with a base of grains, greens, or pita bread. Then choose a dip or spread, like spicy Crazy Feta mousse or classic house-made hummus, and a protein such as falafel or spicy lamb meatballs. Then load on toppings such as romaine, tomato-onion salad, or cauliflower-quinoa tabbouleh and choose a dressing like sriracha Greek yogurt or spicy lime tahini. Then there’s nothing left to do but dig in!

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