Start Your Day With a Workout at Solidcore in Arlington

If you’re ready to take your shape to the next level, you’re going to have to switch up your routine. A workout at Solidcore is exactly what you’re looking for, and they have a new technique unlike any you’ve ever tried. Solidcore specializes in a single, 50-minute class of controlled resistance training on equipment similar to an intense Pilates apparatus. Breaking down muscle fibers as you hold…hold…hold each pose is an effective way to create not just more muscle, but long, lean muscle.

No matter if you’re only starting out or in peak shape and watch to try something new, Solidcore has a workout for you. In addition to their signature class, Solidcore also has muscle-specific courses arms and abs, buns and guns, and a shorter 30-minute core offering. These variations allow clients the kind of tailored workout they desire, while still utilizing their proven muscle breakdown method. 

Solidcore has 52 studios nationwide, with the nearby Arlington location conveniently located in the Ballston Quarter. They open extra early for just the chance you need to start your day off with an empowering workout!