Meet Spotluck

Meet Spotluck

Meet the newest app that you need to know about (and download ASAP): Spotluck!

Spotluck is a local restaurant discount app that allows it’s users to receive a discount (as high as 35%) off of their bill at any of the participating restaurants.

There are Spotluck “hubs” all over the area (a hub = an cluster of participating restaurants in a given area), including Ballston.  Some of the Ballston participating restaurants that users (you!) can enjoy include Mussel Bar & Grille, Shiki Sushi, Tara Temple, Il Forno, Pizza Vinoteca, El Ranchero & A-Town.

At any given time you can enjoy 10% off of your bill at any of these restaurants, however just spin the Spotluck virtual wheel to see where you can get an even bigger discount!

The app is not only a great way to save money when eating out, but is also interactive and fun to use.  That’s why for our latest Lobby Event here at The Maxwell, we’ve invited Spotluck to come on by and teach us all about Spotluck and why it’s so awesome.  Plus, we’re going to all enjoy free local eats and beverages while they do!  So we hope you’ll join us:

When: Tuesday, May 19th, 5:30-7:30 PM

Where: The Maxwell Lobby Located @ 4200 N. Carlin Springs Rd.  Arlington, VA

In the meantime, you can download Spotluck here.