Riverside Hot Pot Bar: A High-Tech Approach to Asian Cuisine

After a successful run in Maryland, the Riverside Hot Pot Bar opened its doors in Arlington in May 2019. This Chinese Hot Pot restaurant utilizes the full complement of traditional Chinese ingredients, but in an atmosphere that offers a glimpse at the future. Once you pay the flat-rate dining fee ($16.99 for lunch, $24.99 for dinner) you simply take your seat and begin placing your order on the table-side tablet. Once you identify the size of your party, you’ll choose your soup base, meat (try the sliced prime rib), rice or noodles, vegetables and other add-ins, and beverages. Then all you need to do is wait. When your broth and meat are ready, they’ll be delivered to your table by a robot delivery cart. 

Just like in a sushi restaurant, a conveyor belt full of sides and add-ins constantly circulate, so if you’d like to add something to your meal, just grab it when it goes by.