Greens N Teff Serves Authentic Ethiopian Fare Near The Maxwell

Do you love trying food from around the world? You’re going to love the addition of Greens N Teff to the local international food scene! This newly opened Ethiopian spot serves up plant-based cuisine that’s simple but packs a serious punch of flavor in every single bite. What most don’t realize is that most Ethiopian fare is actually vegetarian, stemming from the religious beliefs in the country, which is reflected in the Greens N Teff menu. The name comes from those vegetarian roots and teff grain, the gluten-free grain used to make Ethiopian injera bread, which you must try! 

Here, you choose your mains and sides, which are portioned into their own little compartment of a takeout container. Start with your protein, which in this case is an option like split pea or lentil stew, and add on veggies. Favorites are the cabbage and potatoes and the collard greens with all the sweet and savory Ethiopian spices that truly add a complexity you don’t get in most other cuisines. You can select rice or injera bread as your base as well. If you want to go truly authentic, try the injera bread and use slices of it to scoop up all the goodness of the stews and veggies.