Grab a Morning Coffee or Lunchtime Sandwich at Cosi

The daily commute can be a real challenge, which is why plenty of locals view paces like Cosi as a lifesaver. Cosi’s Ballston location is a one-stop shop for students and nine-to-fivers alike, and ever since this place opened, it’s been host to a steady stream of regulars queueing up for coffee, pastries, and bagels to stay fueled through the morning rush.

At lunchtime, people pop in for salads, soups, and other made-to-order favorites. Yelpers particularly recommend the “taste two” combo, which offers a cup of soup and half a sandwich with bread, chips, or veggies on the side. Later in the day, students start to arrive for study sessions, using coffee and sweets to get them through their schoolwork. Finally, as the local offices begin to close for the day, you’ll find folks stopping in for a quick slice of pizza or panini at the end of a long day.