Enjoy Wine, Cheese and Other Delicacies at Cheesetique

If you love cheese, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not visiting Cheesetique. Serving as both a Specialty Cheese Shop and a Cheese & Wine Bar, this establishment has consistently grown in popularity since it’s founding in 2004. Now open in three locations, Cheesetique offers a full menu of savory favorites such as the The Sassy Goat — a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich that combines fresh Chévre, bacon, avocado cream, roasted tomatoes, and garlic aioli on crispy ciabatta. An extensive wine list is also available, to insure the perfect meal pairing.

The Specialty Cheese Shop at Cheesetique features an impressive selection of cheeses, with over 300 varieties from around the world. Meats, wines, and beers are also offered, and an online shop allows you to order your favorites from the comfort of home. Many events — including free wine tastings and trivia — are offered at Cheesetique locations, adding a layer of fun to an already enjoyable experience.