Create Your Dream Kitchen with These Appliances

Create Your Dream Kitchen with These Appliances

You might think your dream kitchen is just the name of a Pinterest board, but these appliances can bring it to life. And a luxurious apartment at Arlington, Virginia’s The Maxwell deserves fine appliances to match.

Since you can’t prepare a good meal without proper tools, Williams-Sonoma’s seven-piece knife block set is a kitchen essential. These steels knifes are practically indestructible and resist stains. The set features a paring knife, a utility knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife and a set of stainless-steel sheers. Plus, the light-colored wood block will contrast nicely with the dark brown Maxwell kitchen cabinets.

To make your fall-appropriate pumpkin pie, this glass pan is perfect. If pies aren’t your thing, this heart-shaped cake pan is sure to please–it would make the perfect Valentine’s Day accompaniment without being overly cheesy. For a warm batch of cookies, check out this set of three baking sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. Since you can’t make cookies or pies without measuring tools, this glass Pyrex measuring cup or this set or heart-shaped measuring spoons will come in handy when you’re whipping up brownies.

If you’re not big on baking you’ll still need pots and pans to whip up your next perfect meal, consider this stainless steel set from Macy’s. You’ll find a stockpot so you can create your next batch of soup. Have fun creating “egg”-ceptional creations in your three omelette pans. Saucepans will give you the chance to show off your mad chef skills as you flip pancakes.

And nothing pairs better with pancakes than coffee. For gourmet coffee, tools like this French press will take your bold roasts to the next level. But if you’d prefer a quicker, but just as tasty brew, look no further than the Hamilton Beech 12-cup coffee maker. If you like the “fancy” drinks at Starbucks—cappuccinos, lattes, gourmet iced coffees, and the like—the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio is perfect for you. This functions just like the popular Keurig machines. Just pop a mini-cup in and let it brew.

No kitchen would be complete without the proper wine essentials. You’ll fall in love with Crate & Barrel’s Silhouette Wine Glasses. To store your vino, consider a luxurious wine cellar. These come straight from Rona, the oldest existing Slovakian glass factory. After you’ve moved into to your apartment, you’ll want to toast with some bubbly in this handcrafted Marika Champagne glass.

And your ideal kitchen outfitted with all of the luxe essentials we’ve listed above is waiting for you at Ballston’s The Maxwell. Contact us today to secure your space at this stellar apartment community in the heart of Arlington.