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How to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Workout

Working out in the warm months was pretty easy, even with gym closures and other restrictions. The great outdoors always beckoned with sunshine and balmy breezes, inviting you to go for a run or maybe join an outdoor fitness class. But with the colder temperatures moving in, staying active has become more challenging. Here are a few ways you can do it anyway—and keep those resolutions.

  1. Head outside (just bundle up first). Fresh-air workouts are still an option, you’ll just have to spend a little extra time getting ready. Bundle up in weather-appropriate, reflective gear before you head out, like these top-rated items. Don’t forget sweat-wicking pants and layered tops in synthetic or wool materials, a warm hat, and gloves, and sunscreen!
  2. Stay hydrated. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay hydrated. In fact, dehydration is harder to notice when it’s colder out. Be sure to drink water or a sports drink before, during, and after your workout, even if you’re not particularly sweaty or thirsty.
  3. Try online workouts. Online fitness routines are having a real moment right now, and for good reason. With everyone staying at home more, virtual workouts provide a convenient alternative to in-person sweat sessions. Pay a monthly fee to access a large library of workout videos, like BeachBody On Demand, or see if any of your local fitness studios are streaming classes. YouTube also has lots of options for free.
  4. Get into at-home cycling. By now, you’ve probably heard of Peloton and its pricey in-home spin bikes. But did you know that you don’t need to splurge on one in order to access its library of pre-recorded and live-streaming classes? Snag one of these more affordable spin bikes and then subscribe to Peloton’s classes ($39/month) for a full-fledged fitness studio at home.

Enjoy Boa Buns and BBQ Bites at Newly Opened Wild Tiger BBQ

If you love a soft pillowy bao bun or delicious BBQ, the newly opened Wild Tiger BBQ pop-up inside Bun’d Up in Pentagon Row needs to go on your list of spots to try near The Maxwell. It’s just a 10 minute drive away, so you can place your order online and pick it up for takeout. The menu lineup features favorites from both American and Asian BBQ traditions. Choose from appetizers, mix and match bao buns, tangy baowiches, sweets, and traditional BBQ favorites like chicken wings, a brisket platter, and sticky ribs. You’ll find delicious sweet soy or spicy Korean BBQ flavors paired with refreshing sauces and slaws throughout their menu. How about the smokey chicken wings, burnt ends, or Korean fried chicken?

If you haven’t tried bao buns, don’t miss your chance to sample these small sandwiches that melt in your mouth. Try a bao bun loaded with fried shrimp with sweet chili and crunchy shallots. Or a one with braised beef and cucumber kimchi. Prefer something sweeter? Try a bao with pork belly and pineapple slaw topped with cilantro lime. Better yet, try any 3 for $13.

Need to feed more than one person? Try their create-your-own dinner platters for 2-3 people from Friday to Sunday after 4 p.m. and enjoy the flavors!


A Beloved Holiday Tradition Near The Maxwell: Holiday Candlelight Tours of Annapolis

If holiday stress has taken the simple joy out of the season for you, the Holiday Candlelight Tour is a great way to recapture some of winter’s unmistakable magic. Visit the heart of downtown Annapolis for a leisurely walk through the beautifully decorated city streets, and enjoy a mini history lesson of the town and holidays past.

Evening walks depart from Market House Park each Friday and Saturday in December, and are led by a charming tour guide dressed in traditional colonial attire. Guided by the light of glowing lanterns, you’ll see Maryland’s historic State Capital, colonial mansions, Victorian homes, and the shops of Annapolis all decked out in their seasonal decor. It’s a lovely way to slow down, and recapture a bit of the mood-boosting spirit of the season. 

The Holiday Candlelight Stroll is $23 for adults, and $13 for children. Tours depart at 7 p.m. Make a full night of it with dinner at one of the many restaurants Annapolis has to offer.

Set Yourself Up for Holiday Cookie Success With These Kitchen Organizing Tips

Getting into the holiday spirit in your home? Perhaps your annual traditions include baking! Before you whip up the first batch of cookies, you might want to rearrange the kitchen to make the process a bit easier. These expert tips can help.

  1. Stow spices on a turntable. Turntable, Lazy Susan, whatever you call it, these contraptions make it simple to quickly locate the spice you’re looking for! You can also use them for go-to baking supplies like flour and sugar. A mini turntable should fit neatly and easily into any spare cabinet.
  2. Quickly boost your storage space. There’s probably some spare space in your cabinets that you don’t even realize is there! That’s the dead air above your canned goods and spices. Double your storage space instantly by adding wire shelving, which sits right on top of your permanent shelves. Similarly, small drawers under the sink or in other underused spots can work wonders.
  3. Stash your cookie sheets differently. Instead of keeping your cookie sheets in a haphazard pile, use tension rods to get them in order. Line up tension rods from one side of a cabinet to the other and store your cookie sheets vertically.
  4. Use the back of your kitchen cabinets. Did you know that parchment paper tubes are super easy to hack? Stick a wooden dowel through the hole in the center of the tube, and you can hang it instead of trying to stuff it in a drawer alongside cling wrap and aluminum foil. Just affix two temporary hooks to the back of a cabinet door, thread the dowel through them, and voila! Parchment paper at your fingertips.

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Expect Gourmet Sandwiches at Superette in Arlington

Ah, the humble sandwich. It’s an American staple, and when done well, a thing of real beauty. Superette is a new casual eatery that celebrates the art of the sandwich, and it features some truly incredible flavors layered between two slices of bread. Choose from classics like the Reuben, Cubano, or Superette burger, along with more inventive pairings like braised short ribs with gruyere, brined turkey with avocado, or pork shoulder and bacon. The menu is short and sweet – only a handful of sandwiches and two options for your side – along with artisanal sodas. But the limited offering allows Superette to pour a lot of time and attention into getting each ingredient just right for a premium end product. Plus the portions are impressive, especially considering that most of the sammies are under $10. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Superette serves cocktails as well! 

Get ready to experience your new favorite place in Ballston. Dine in service is available, and takeout is easy to preorder with a few quick clicks from the Yelp page.

Fall Treats to Bake in November

Sweet potato, pumpkin, apple—these are a few of the ingredients that flourish in the fall, so it makes sense they’d also play a starring role in your baked goods. If you’re looking for some sweet autumn treats to make this month that are a little more creative than pumpkin muffins and apple pie, try these recipes.

Gingery Sweet Potato Pie [Country Living]
The distinct addition of ginger lends a rich, complex flavor to this otherwise traditional sweet potato pie. You can make your own pie crust or buy one pre-made to cut back on prep time. Then bake about four small sweet potatoes and mash them with milk, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and, of course, sugar. Fill the pie crust with the sweet mixture, bake it, and top with homemade (or storebought) whipped cream.

Pumpkin Crisp [Delish]
Sure, pumpkin pie is delicious, but pumpkin crisp in a cast-iron skillet? You really can’t beat that. This recipe guides you in mixing together pumpkin puree, eggs pumpkin pie spice, heavy cream, and vanilla with ample amounts of sugar. Next, you’ll craft a crumbly topping using flour, brown sugar, salt, butter, and pecans. Pour the creamy mixture into a greased cast-iron skillet, sprinkle the buttery crumbs on top, and bake for about 45 minutes—then enjoy a slice a la mode.

Apple Dumpling Bake [Taste of Home]
This recipe is much easier than apple pie, and it features one unexpected ingredient: Mountain Dew. Apple slices wrapped in crescent rolls simmer in the sweet, bubbly beverage with sugar, butter, and cinnamon for about 35 minutes. The result? Flaky, golden-brown rolls bearing the perfect balance of tart Granny Smith apples and sweet soda and sugar. For an extra-delicious dessert, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Taco Bamba Is Now Open Near The Maxwell

If you’ve been to any of the existing Taco Bamba locations, you know how lucky we are that one opened just around the corner in Ballston! This local taco chain serves up not only authentic tacos and Mexican fare but also Peruvian and Cuban cuisine in a fast-casual setting. The Chef and Owner, Victor Albisu, is an award-winning chef in the D.C. area who knows how to work with incredible ingredients that pack some amazing flavors – which makes sense because he went to school at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

If you want to try their namesake, the taco Bamba is a meat lover’s dream, filled with steak, chorizo, guac, cotija, and pickled onions and peppers – it is incredible. Any of the tacos are a good option though. They have a few super unique fusion taco options like the El Rico Pollo which serves up Peruvian-style flavors in a chicken taco. The menu beyond tacos is also extensive, making it hard to decide. Many love the choriqueso sandwich and the loaded french fry options. They also make a mean margarita, so make sure to add one to your order – any flavor is delicious! 

Sweet Meets Savory at Livin the Pie Life in Arlington

Pie is the most delicious, versatile, and downright patriotic food in the entire USA! And the best place to get it in Virginia (and maybe the world) is Livin the Pie Life on North Glebe Road. This fine establishment celebrates pie in all of its glorious forms, from the savory to the sweet. Get a quiche Lorraine, chicken pot pie, or curried beef pocket pies to eat by day, and the Southern pumpkin praline, brown butter coconut chess, and raspberry almond crumb pie for dessert. You could live off of the pies alone at Livin the Pie Life and never get tired of the options. 

The website is your up-to-date menu of daily options, including additional treats like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and more. You’ll also learn which pies are pre-frozen to stock your freezer and which sweets are made with local fruit. When you visit the website, be sure to take note of the parking situation. There are plenty of places to stop, as long as you don’t choose the wrong one.