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“Timeless Handsome Feel” – An Interview With The Maxwell’s Interior Designer

Here at The Maxwell, style is important to us, and we want our residents (and visitors too) to feel that the second the walk in through our doors.  That’s why we turned to RD Jones Interior Design Team to help us achieve the modern style home decor that we wanted to bring to The Maxwell.

We recently spoke with designer and Managing Partner of RD Jones, Bernard Holaider, about his experience designing and decorating The Maxwell apartments and how he helped us achieve “Modern Luxury.”  Read below for our full interview about where he draws inspiration from, what he enjoyed most about working with us and how renters can easily incorporate similar styling into their own home decor.

What are the three most important elements you believe to be in home design?

BH:  I believe that we all need to feel comfortable with in our home environments.  I believe in purchasing the best quality sofa & lounge chair and bed that you can afford.  The remaining items can come and go, but always do lots of research on selecting the right sofa or bed.  And, color – I like color, but I also like to not overuse it.  I prefer to use color in things like rugs, art, pillows & accessories – Keep the basics neutral or dark and then just “splash” the color. 

What was the theory behind the design of the Maxwell apartments and where did you draw inspiration for it?

BH:  It was “Modern Luxury,” with lots of fun.  A phrase that comes to mind is, “Timeless Handsome Feel.”   The inspiration came from all the small “Boutique” style hotels that I enjoy spending time in in cities such as Santa Fe, NM, NYC, Savannah GA, and Miami.  

Speaking of, what does “modern” mean to you in terms of design and style?

BH:  Modern means clean simple lines that can withstand years of use.

How can renters incorporate a similar style in their own homes?

BH:  Whether you rent or own, buy what you like.  It can be a rug from India, a lamp from Asia, a sofa from USA and you mix them all.  Don’t feel like you have to buy things that all match perfectly.  Create your own style.  Own it.  Also, simple touches like a modern rug can be inspired from a painting or even a swatch of fabric really bring a room to life.  Or, a luxurious fabric or leather can add that upscale look without breaking the bank.  And a splash of color on just one wall can create some drama in any room.  These little touches can give you home a more modern and upscale, “hotel” feel.  

What did you, personally, enjoy most about decorating the interior of the Maxwell?

BH:  We had a great client who trusted us and believed in my vision – Modern Luxury.  We also had a great time selecting all the durable finishes, furniture selections as well as the fabrics.  Especially fun was finding the sculptures, art & accessories that were rich in color and texture.

You can learn more about Bernard Holnaider and his background in design and architecture here.

4 Simple Ideas for Modern Home Decor

Here at the The Maxwell, we thrive off of a modern and stylish living space.  We incorporated many unique and expressive design elements into the overall decor of The Maxwell, with the help of interior designer Rebecca Jones, through modern prints, patterns, textures, colors and more.  Since we believe that your home decor should be a reflection of your personality, we knew that our residents would feel most comfortable in a modern space.  Beyond the overall decor throughout The Maxwell apartments, details like custom light fixtures and floor to ceiling windows creates a modern canvas for our residents to build off of.

Read more about the features of The Maxwell apartments here.

Whether you’re a resident at The Maxwell or not, there are so many easy ways to add a modern feel to your space to help you, as we like to say here at The Maxwell, “Live Well Maxwell.”  We’ve rounded up four of our favorite ones below to help get your creative design juices flowing.  If you have any decor tips, please share them for our readers in the comments below!

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A bold rug that mixes colors in an unexpected way that works.  

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Mid-century inspired furniture instantly adds a modern and masculine feel.

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Mix-and-match printed pillows add punch to a simple couch.

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Use a single, large canvas painting as the focal point of the room.

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