Breads Unlimited: Grab a Loaf Near The Maxwell

Walk into Bethesda’s Breads Unlimited and you’ll inhale the aroma of baked goods fresh out of the oven, which are displayed in cases of glazed donuts, colorful iced cookies, frosting-topped pastries, and cinnamon-dusted sweet rolls. In addition to these sweet treats Breads Unlimited also produces dozens of baguettes, pumpernickel loaves, challah, and more.

The shop even serves a limited sandwich menu using freshly baked and sliced bread. Try the house-made chicken salad on rye, or sink your teeth into a turkey and cheddar sandwich on whole wheat. Yelp reviewers note that this is a mom-and-pop bakery that’s been around for over three decades, and whether you’re ordering a single donut or a dozen loaves of bread, you’ll likely order right from the owner. That feels good, as does knowing that your purchase supports the local community!