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How to Start a Summer Herb Garden Indoors

If you love to cook with fresh herbs, there’s a way to do it without running to the store all the time. Simply start your own garden. You don’t need any outdoor space to do it—a kitchen windowsill and a few containers will do the trick. Here’s how to get started.

  • Find a sunny spot. First things first: figure out where you want the herbs to put down roots. Most herbs prefer ample amounts of sunshine, so try to find a spot in your apartment that can accommodate their thirst for the sun.
  • Pick your plants. While most herbs are relatively easy to grow, some do better indoors than others. For a container garden, basic herbs like mint, chives, parsley, and basil are among the best options. But your selection should depend on your preferences, too. If you rarely cook with basil, don’t bother wasting prime windowsill space on it!
  • Choose your containers. No need to run out for planters! DIY containers for your herb garden using items you have around the house. Upcycle empty cans by removing the labels and filling them with potting soil, or try mason jars instead. Even mugs will work! And feel free to decorate your chosen containers with whatever art supplies you have on hand to make your garden a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Water and harvest appropriately. When you start your own herb garden, it’s crucial to water each plant just enough, but not too much. You can generally figure out when herbs need more water by simply sticking your finger in the soil. If it feels dry, add enough water to make it moist. You should also do your best to pluck herbs at their peak freshness, which varies from one plant to the next. Check online to find out the best time to “harvest” a specific herb.

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Open for Business Near The Maxwell: Trek Bicycles

Whether you’re an avid and experienced cyclist looking for some new gear, or you’re hoping to purchase your very first bike, Trek Bicycles has what you need. This shop’s stock ranges from traditional road bikes and cross-country trail bikes to electric bikes, children’s bikes, and much more. You can order a bike off the rack or customize your purchase to meet your exact specifications.

Currently, Trek is offering one-on-one private in-store shopping, as well as curbside pickup (you can easily schedule both on the website). Even better, right now you can take advantage of free home delivery service on all bikes ordered online or by phone. Don’t forget to add accessories to your order, either– lights and helmets for safety, as well as panniers, handlebar baskets, and fender racks for storage. You can even add handlebar-mounted GPS units to ensure that you’ll never lose your way.

Kitchen Empty at The Maxwell? Restock at Harris Teeter!

Times like this make you appreciate having a nearby like grocer like Harris Teeter. The large chain has been able to quickly respond to the COVID-19 crisis with additional cleaning, quick restocking, and the new types of services that folks need right now.

Your nearby location on North Glebe Road is still open for all your grocery needs, as well as pharmacy questions and refills. And if you can’t (or prefer not to) do your shopping in the store, Harris Teeter will collect your items for you. The grocer offers online shopping with Expresslane for either curbside pick-up or delivery, and the experience couldn’t be easier. That’s actually one service that you might make a permanent part of your routine once you see how quick and easy it is to leave the shopping to Harris Teeter.

Just visit the website, and punch in your zip code. Or, if you still prefer to head to the store, rest assured that the Harris Teeter team is working hard to provide a clean and fully stocked store for all your needs.

Must-Haves for Your First Warm-Weather Run

With the weather getting warmer and warmer every day, you might be starting to take your workout routine outside on a regular basis. Here’s what you need to stay safe and comfortable while you’re exercising outdoors.

  1. Lightweight, sweat-wicking layers. Since spring bridges the gap between winter and summer, its weather can be somewhat unpredictable in terms of temperature. Make sure you’re ready for whatever awaits you outside by dressing in breathable layers, including a lightweight spring jacket. That way you can simply shed layers if it ends up being a warmer run, but you won’t be left shivering if it’s a little chilly on any given morning. Make sure your layers are sweat-wicking to avoid skin irritation.

  2. A hat or sunglasses. You’ll probably want to enjoy as much of that spring sunshine as possible! But maybe not when it starts to make you squint. Keep the sun off your face by donning a sweat-wicking hat or tossing on a pair of athletic sunglasses. Make sure the glasses fit well so they don’t slide down your nose as you run.

  3. Waterproof sunscreen. Before you put on those glasses, make sure you apply a layer of sunscreen! Even when it’s not particularly hot, your skin can still be damaged by the sun—and who wants to deal with a sunburn before summer even hits? Find a waterproof sunscreen that can withstand sweating, and stick with SPF 30 or higher.

  4. A handheld water bottle or water belt. Staying hydrated is super important any time you exercise, but even more so as the temperatures begin to rise. Make sure you take along plenty of water for your journey! Opt for a handheld water bottle, a CamelBak you carry on your back, or a water belt outfitted with several smaller water flasks.

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Unpack a Spring Picnic at Mosaic Park

If you’re looking to explore close to home, Mosaic Park needs to be on your list for multiple reasons! First, it’s the only park in the area with a climbing wall for all ages, you’re in for some serious fun when you visit. The wall is 9 feet tall and challenging enough for all ages, so try your hand and see how high you can get! 

You’re going to want to pack a picnic because once you’re done climbing you’ll have a serious appetite. There are picnic tables surrounding the park that provide the perfect spot for a little relaxation while eating and soaking up some sun.

Next, what people really love about this park is all the sustainable features. They recycle rainwater back into the plants and turf in the park, all lighting is energy-conserving LED and the entry signage is solar-powered, they have a wide variety of pollinator plants which help crops all over the country, and more. How impressive is that? Time to explore!

Open for Takeout Near The Maxwell: This Is Fine Coffee

The newly opened cafe, This Is Fine Coffee, comes with a two-fold title. On the one hand, it plays off an all-too-common discussion when it comes to choosing a coffee shop: “What about this place?” “This is fine.” With small-town favorites and internationally known franchises, there are almost always options at hand.

On the other hand, This Is Fine Coffee lives up to its reputation of being a “hidden gem,” a cafe you’ll want to return to, remembering that it was, in fact, some fine coffee. From classics like espresso and chai to the coffee shop’s signature drink, a popular drink from Eastern Europe called Bumble Coffee (made from a blend of orange juice, caramel, and espresso), customers so far have left with glowing reviews.

This Is Fine Coffee is a great study space or place to work.  The cafe offers food items such as breakfast sandwiches and pastries to keep you satiated while your coffee fuels your productivity–all while getting you off the couch!

Spring Mocktails to Sip and Serve Right Now

The end of winter always seems to drag, but it’s safe to say the cold weather is in the rearview mirror this year. Spring has sprung, and with it, an array of fresh ingredients. Honor the season by tossing a few of those ingredients into these sweet mocktails.

Raspberry Mojito [A Sweet Pea Chef]
Fresh mint leaves and raspberries take center stage in this refreshing drink. You start by muddling them with simple syrup to create a sweet base for your beverage, then add a layer of ice. Add in raspberry or cran-raspberry juice, a few tablespoons of lime juice, and a generous pour of club soda or sparkling mineral water, and then enjoy!

Watermelon Coolers [An Alli Event]
This mocktail is mostly watermelon, so it’s basically like sipping on summer. To begin, cube and chill about four cups of seedless watermelon. Once they’re nice and cold, toss them into the blender with ice, freshly squeezed lime juice, and about a quarter-cup of creamy coconut milk. Serve the summer slushie in a glass with sugar around the rim and a fresh lime wedge!

Sparkling Cucumber Limeade [Taste & Tell]
If you love the refreshing taste of cucumber water, this is the mocktail for you. It features a thinly sliced English cucumber, which creates a crisp and subtly sweet taste. Before you start sipping, create a lime-infused simple syrup with sugar, water, and lime zest on the stove. Add fresh mint leaves and let everything mingle for a while, then strain the syrup, add fresh lime juice and the cucumber, and top with chilled sparkling water and ice.

3 DIY Projects Using Minimal Materials

If you’re in the mood to be a little artsy, harness that creativity with a fun DIY project. These projects require minimal artistic ability and few materials, so you probably already have everything you need to make at least one of them.

Paper Dahlias [HGTV]
If you have a cardboard cake circle, break it out. But if not, you can easily trace your own on a piece of cardboard. Beyond that, you just need a few pieces of paper (scrapbooking paper works best), double-sided tape, and a pair of scissors. After you cut the paper into squares, you’ll roll them into cones and then affix them to the cardboard circle. This video tutorial makes it easy to complete the task and create a beautiful new piece of decor.

Vintage Tin Can Vases [The Graphics Fairy]
If you’ve recently used some canned goods, fish the empty cans out of your recycling and upcycle them instead! Once you peel off the labels, use white or black paint to coat the cans and, if you have candle wax available, follow the instructions to distress the cans. Then print out vintage Parisian-inspired labels and use ModPodge to stick them on the cans. Voila! Vases for fresh flowers, small succulents, or anything else that needs storage.

Desk Accessory Set [HGTV]
This is another good option if you’re looking for ways to make use of empty cans or jars—and if your home office needs some help. Really any empty glass, plastic, or metal containers you have on hand will work, given that they’re about the right size for storing your desktop necessities, like pens and pencils. Although this tutorial calls for spray paint, you can use a brush and paint to complete the project indoors. It’s as simple as stripping the labels off of your containers, coating them with white paint (or really any hue), and adding embellishments, like ribbon.